The Global Big Latch On breastfeeding event, is a Families & Babies, and NHS organised event across the world, which not only aims to promote breastfeeding but also aims to normalise breastfeeding.  The Global Big Latch On event gives an idea of how many women, around the world, and in the UK are breastfeeding.  Women who attend are asked to feed their children at the same time and a tally is taken of how many women were feeding all over the UK at once.

After taking photos in 2017, Ormskirk Hospital asked me back again in 2018, to take more images.  As a specialist baby and children's photographer, it was an absolute pleasure to photograph the event as well as the brave Mum's breastfeeding their little ones.

It seems that these days everyone has an 'opinion' on breastfeeding.  However if you can put that aside and appreciate the images for what they actually are, I'm sure the Mums featured will appreciate the support :)

If you are a breastfeeding Mama, and would like to be involved this year, then keep your eyes out on my website and social media pages for information regarding 2019.

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