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About Me...

As a photographer, I should probably have one of my best images on this page.  Instead I have gone with my mobile phone shot, a shot which was taken 'in the moment'.


This is what I specialise in; capturing babies, children, and families, in the moment.  That fleeting moment, which may only last a split second, but where most people are too busy to take it all in, or simply forget to take a picture.


My name is Sarah.  I'm 35 years old and founded New Mumma Photography after having my own little boy who is now three and a half years old.

I've always had an interest in camera's from a very young age and have collected cameras, from my Grandad's Yashica camera, to the antique Coronet Rapide, to my latest purchase; a new lens for my current camera :)

My lightbulb moment came as a new Mum when I thought it was about time, I used my photography degree!


When my son was born, I found myself desperately wanting some newborn shots. I wanted to remember those very early days when this gorgeous little bundle slept and ate and just lay there looking like an angel.  So I decided to drag myself out, when my baby was 9 days old, to a photography studio.


All I could think of was... How tired and worn out I was, and couldnt even be bothered to put makeup on, how I just wanted to stay in my pjs, let alone remembering to take props.  At the time I also didn't want my new little bundle to be taken out of the comfort his own home.


Not so long after, New Mumma Photography was born.


I wanted to give new Mums the experience I never had and wished I had have had.  An experience that was easy, stress free and didn't involve using much energy or brain power :)


As most of us Mums know, the last thing you want to do when you've had a baby is remember to take props to a studio.


New Mumma Photography happens in your own home, or on location.


I will come to you to take natural photos of your little one in their own environment.  The shoot is very relaxed; no studio, no props, and no forced poses.  Simply me and my camera in the comfort of your own home.

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